About Aldi

Aldi’s the fastest-growing supermarket in the UK today – and a business that’s forged its own path to success since we launched on this side of the channel back in 1990. It’s not just our expansion that makes Aldi such a positive place to be. Or the news headlines highlighting our performance. Or even all the awards we’ve been winning. Aldi stores just feel different. Fresher. Vibrant. Energised.

When you work in store, you’re surrounded by hard-working, committed people who share the company’s ambition. Our teams are focused and productive — everyone understands what it takes to deliver standout service.

One of the reasons people thrive at Aldi is because we treat them with them with decency and respect. The rewards measure up very nicely too. And we offer a progression path that leads all the way to the top. Promotion is based on merit, so each team member can see what they need to do to succeed. There’s nowhere quite like Aldi to build a retail career.